Are you considering or exploring a business opportunity in Thailand ? Whether you are a startup or an established company, we can help you find the most suitable business structure in Thailand, register it as well as provide useful legal guidance throughout the registration and operational process.


Limited Company

Public Company Limited

Representative Office/Branch Office



Special Purpose

Internal Audit

Apply For Work Permit

Non-Immigrant B Visa

Business Visa Extension

Non-Immigrant O Visa

Register VAT

Register Social Security

Change registered transaction with The DBD

Change registered transaction with The RD.

Apply For BOI License

Apply For Changing Details

Submit Of Operation Monitoring Report

BOI License Cancellation

Corporate Advisory

Merger and Acquisition

Business Valuation/Venture Capital

Cross Border listing

Accounting And Tax Service


Set Up Accounting System

Tax Planning

FDA License

License For Selling Tobacco

License To Operate Restaurant

License To Operate Tourism Business

Legal Contract Agreement drafting

Notary Public

Buying Condominium in Thailand

Set up Offshore Company


The important source of business funding is listing the company in the stock market (Public listing) the company can raise the funds for using in the development and expansion of businesses through the initial public offering (IPO)

Why going public?

The long-term benefits for taking your company public are numerous which include:
Ability to raise fund for company development
Facilitate merger & acquisition for growth, and enhanced personal wealth
Enhanced asset liquidity
Ability to attract and retain talented people,
Prestigeous status
Greater corporate value
Enhanced ability to borrow at preferential rates.
Lower future cost of financing
Sustainability in long term
Greenpro provides Cross border public listing advisory and assist the clients to list in the stock Exchange such as. Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and OTC Market
Are you interested to list the company in HONG KONG stock Exchange?


Nowadays while the businesses are going well, some customers are facing the problem of financial accounting due to various reasons such as Financial accounting staffs often resign, take maternity leave, suddenly resign or sick, Greenpro KSP have competent, long experience and well trained accountants to help you to alleviate the problems because we have Accounting Outsourcing Service to send our accountants to help your accounting works at your office (Accounting Outsourcing) in the following matters;

» Account receivable work.
» Accounts payable work.
» Cost of production work.
» Bookkeeping and account reconciliation including internal management report preparing.
» Financial work, cheque collection, billing, cash flow reporting, cash flow projection and planning.
» Closing and analysing financial statements for submitting to the management.
» Accounting and tax consulting work.


As GreenPro KSP consulting has a business network across Asia and has a large portfolio of business in Thailand both in the form of individual and companies business.

♦ For Seller:

We have a numerous of registered clients who want to buy the whole businesses and the clients who want to find partners to invest in their businesses as shareholders.

♦ For Buyer:

We have a large number of registered clients and business owners who interest to sell their businesses and to find partners to be shareholders of their businesses for the purpose of getting cash for expanding their businesses We have integrity and good governance, we respect all parties and the information will be kept confidential.



Greenpro KSP Consulting Thailand specialize on business registration, accounting, Tax and audit assurance, we provide a full-range of Business One Stop Service to both Thai entrepreneur and foreign investors, especially foreigners who want to do business in Thailand, we can help you to set up a company in Thailand with the best solution according to your conditions and objective, there are various difference kind of legal entities can be selected by foreign investors on business registration in order to meet with your business conditions as well as to be complied with Thai law; such as Partnership, Limited company, Representative office, Branch office, Joint venture. We also have BOI consulting service to help you on the process of applying for BOI promotion until obtaining BOI certificate, Visa and Work permit services including other business services are proposed to support you on conducting the business in Thailand by our expert and professional team who have years of experience in the services and the charges are reasonable price.

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GreenPro KSP Consulting Co., Ltd.

  43 Thai CC Tower, 11th Floor, Room No.111, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
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Starting a business in Thailand is not as tough as you think, contact us today, GreenPro KSP Consulting has a team consisting of Legal Advisor (Lawyer), Accountant, CPA, and Business Consultant. We’re here to help. You will earn beyond your expectation.


• One Stop Service
• Reliable and Trustworthy
• Competitive Price
• Private and Confidential
• Efficient and Effective
• Understand our client’s needs
• Professional and talented team
• Certified in Legal and Accounting Service
• Own Offices in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Our Firm

GreenPro KSP Consulting serves a wide variety of business support and financial services for a various type of business starting from scratch, no matter what stage of the business you are in, we are prompt to support you on running a business. Our service cover business registration, Company Secretary, Accounting & Tax, audit assurance, visa and work permit, business license, Board of Investment (BOI), legal and financial advisory services etc. With our professional and high experienced team, you can be sure that you will get the qualified service and to have complied with Thai law.

Greenpro's Corporate Values - "7Rs" Organisation

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