Other Services

As a One Stop Service company, GreenPro KSP has a team of Legal Advisor and Business Consultant to support you the following service so that you will complete your missions in one place.

Legal Contract Agreement drafting service

  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Last will and testament
  • Share Transfer Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Agreement
  • Other Agreement

Notarial Services Attorney (Notary Public)

  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Last will and testament
  • Share Transfer Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Agreement
  • Other Agreement

Service for buying a Condominium in Thailand

What you need to know before buying a condominium in Thailand?

Foreigners are permitted to buy a condominium in their own name (100% ownership), but there are some conditions according to Thai law (CONDOMINIUM ACT, B.E. 2522) that you need to aware of:
  • The ownership held by a foreigner of each condominium project must not exceed 49% of the total area of every unit in that project. (For example, If the condominium has 100 rooms (each room have the same size), only 49 rooms can be owned by foreigners)
  • The money for purchasing a condominium must be transferred from overseas in foreign currency for the propose of buying a condominium.
  • Such condominium must be registered under the Condominium Act.
After purchasing the condominium, you will receive a title deed as a certificate of ownership. Sinking fund and maintenance fees are another things that you should know about, these expenses are based on the area of each unit per square meter and charged with maintaining and managing the condominium.
Even though buying a condo in Thailand is sound simple, there is something that needs to be taken into account, namely, you may need someone to run a background check on the seller or the building or need a lawyer to help with the paperwork such as purchase agreement and money transfer. These are steps that shouldn’t be ignored since it will make the entire process secure.

Our services

Our firm offers to conduct a property due diligence report, namely, we will inspect the building permit, developer background as well as the on-site inspection. As for the purchase agreement, we also have a certified lawyer to help you review the agreements before signing. In order to avoid the risk that may be incurred and to be sure that the process of buying condominium will be complied with the law.

Contact GreenPro KSP Consulting, we have a professional team to help you so you can be ensured that the process of buying the condominium in Thailand go smoothly.

Off Compny Formation

Why do you need to set up an Offshore Company?

The offshore company is set up for the following reasons.

  1. Set up a branch for an existing business in another country.
  2. Register a new business in the countries which allow to register a company and offer tax benefit, confidentiality and etc.
Based on tax benefit, Offshore companies can be divided into two groups:
1. An offshore company which is not subject to any tax in the registration countries which are known as International business companies, the companies have obligation to pay annual charge from the government authority in the countries as a government license fee in exchange for the tax.
2. Offshore companies which are subject to tax in the registration countries, but the tax rate is lower than other countries or the countries that the companies can claim double tax treaty benefits that those countries signed with other countries or have privilege tax treatment.
The terms and conditions will be varied according to legislation and regulation of each country.
Whatever the reason you want to set up Offshore company, either for tax purpose or to expand your business internationally. Greenpro KSP Consulting has a professional team to offer you Offshore companies registration service in the countries as stated below.
  • Hong Kong – Limited liability company
  • China – Limited liability company
  • Malaysia – Limited liability company
  • Thailand – Limited Liability company
  • Singapore – Limited liability company
  • Nevada, USA – Limited liability company
  • Delaware, USA – Limited liability company
  • Seychelles – International business company
  • Cayman Island – International business company
  • Bermuda – International business company
  • Belize – International business company
  • Anguilla – International business company
  • Samoa – International business company
  • BVI – International business company
We strive to provide our clients with the best services throughout the entire process. Our professional team will provide you with an advice and precise information regarding the incorporation procedures. As we are One Stop Service, we also have a service to open an offshore bank account and do accounting for you.

Please contact Greenpro KSP Consulting for incorporating an Offshore company.