Our Accounting Financial Outsourcing Services are as follows:
• Account receivable and receiving payment work
• Account payable and payment work
• Monthly closing financial statements

Accounting Outsourcing Services

Greenpro KSP is an accounting company which provides comprehensive accounting & tax services include Accounting Outsourcing Services for over 25 years, we have competent, long experience and well trained accountants who are ready to serve all customers whether the business is small or medium, that keep growing nowadays while the business are going well, some customers are facing the problem of financial accounting due to various reasons as follows

Some customers are facing the problem of financial accounting due to various reasons

  1. The Financial accounting staffs often resign because once they have enough experience, they want to grow their career with other companies, while the new staffs sometimes do not pass the probation.
  2. The Financial accounting staffs take maternity leave or suddenly resign without prior notice.
  3. The company could not find the new financial accounting staff for increasing or replacing the old one, even though advertising for recruitment for several months, the company is still unable to find the good candidates for this position.
  4. The Financial accounting staffs are suddenly sick and have to take sick leave for several months and the company could not be sure whether they will return to work with the company or not.
  5. The Accounting manager is nearly retirement age and the company may not be able to find the new staff for replacement and handling the jobs.

For the foregoing reasons, Greenpro KSP Accounting Outsourcing Services foresee that Our long experience accountants can help you to alleviate the problem so we offer you the Accounting Outsourcing Service by sending our accountants to help your accounting works at your office (Accounting Outsourcing) in the following matters;

Outsourced Accounting Services

  1. Account receivable work
  2. Accounts payable work
  3. Cost of production work
  4. Bookkeeping and account reconciliation including internal management report preparing
  5. Financial work, cheque collection, billing, cash flow reporting, cash flow projection and planning.
  6. Closing and analysing financial statements for submitting to the management.
  7. Accounting and tax consulting work

Benefits that the customers will get from using the accounting outsourcing are as follows

  1. The customers don’t have to worry about the leave of employees and have no staffs for replacing or cannot find the new staff in time which resulting in delayed and damaged work, Greenpro KSP Accounting can provide accounting outsourcing staffs to continue your accounting work immediately.
  2. At the same cost, the customers will get more experience accountants to do the accounting work compare to hiring the permanent accountant.
  3. The customers don’t have to waste the times for training the new accounting staffs as the outsourced accountants have been continuously trained both principal and practice.
  4. The Customers don’t have to worry about being responsible for the welfare or the fix cost from hiring permanent employees such as increasing salary, social security, training cost, bonuses including compensation in various cases.

Therefore, the customers will get the most benefits from our Accounting Outsourcing Service not only the quantity of work but also the reasonable price.

Our Accounting Financial Outsourcing Services are as follows

1. Account receivable and receiving payment work

– Prepare quotation
– Prepare invoice / tax invoice
– Prepare receipt
– Check and prepare documents for billing
– Bill customers according to the billing cycle of each customer
– Collect cheques and deposit the cheques with the bank
– Track and follow overdue debts
– Make a summary report such as the monthly outstanding balance of the debtor and aging report.

2. Account payable and payment work

– Record purchase account, stock and trade accounts payable
– Receive billing
– Prepare documents for paying creditors
– Prepare withholding tax forms
– Prepare cheques and submit to the management for signing
– Notify the creditors to receive the cheques, give the cheques and/or transfer money to creditors
– Follow the receipts to attach payment documents
– Make a summary report such as the monthly outstanding balance of the creditors and aging report.

3. Monthly closing financial statements

– Check accounting record
– Reconcile all accounts
– Prepare monthly closing financial statements
– Analyse Financial statements
– Present the financial statements to the management

Greenpro KSP Accounting also provides various services

such as providing information for the customers to use for managing the business and adjustment the business plan in a timely manner including making both short-term and long-term business plan, our services are as follows:

– Prepare cash flow statements
– Prepare performance analysis report of the company
– Annual budget planning and preparation
– Prepare financial statements for comparative the budget with the previous accounting period.
– Prepare Financial ratio analysis for comparing with the competitors in the same industry
– Tax planning for both individuals and companies
– Prepare tax reports related to business such as BOI, Ministry of Industry, etc.

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