Thailand Business Licenses and Trademark registration

Business Licenses

Some business in Thailand are required to obtain business licenses before conducting the business, in order to conduct business legally, a business owner has to apply for obtaining the business license which required by Thai Law. Greenpro KSP Consulting has a team with experience and knowledge to advise and help you with the process from the beginning until you obtain the license.

Greenpro KSP Consulting offer on helping you the following licenses:

  • Alcohol License
  • Hotel License
  • FDA License
  • E-Commerce License
  • Import – Export License
  • Factory License
  • Construction License
  • Import/Export License
  • School License
  • Tourism License
  • Direct sale Business License
  • Restaurant Business License
  • Selling tobacco License

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Trade Mark registration

According to Trade Mark Act. B.E. 2534 amended by Trade Mark Act. B.E. (No. 2) B.E. 2543 and (No.3) B.E. 2559
“Mark” means a photograph, drawing, invented device, logo, name, word, phrase, letter, numeral, signature, the combination of colors, the figurative element, sound or combination thereof,
To be registrable, a trademark must
(1) be distinctive which enables the public or users to distinguish the goods with which the trademark is used for other goods;
(2) not be the same as or similar to a trademark registered by another person.
(3) not be prohibited under Thai Trade Mark Act.

Trademarks having or consisting of any of the following characteristics shall not be registrable

  1. State arms or crests, royal seals, official seals, Chakkri emblems, emblems and insignia of the royal orders and decorations, seals of office, seals of ministries, bureaus, departments or provinces;
  2. National flags of Thailand, royal standard flags or official flags;
  3. Royal names, royal monograms, abbreviations of royal names or royal monograms, or
  4. Representations of the King, Queen or Heir to the Throne;
  5. Names, words, terms or emblems signifying the King, Queen or Heir to the Throne or members of the royal family;
  6. National emblems and flags of foreign states, emblems and flags of international organizations, emblems of head of foreign states, official emblems and quality control and certification of foreign states or international organizations, names and monograms of foreign states or international organizations, unless permission is given by the competent officer of the foreign state or international organization;
  7. Official emblems and emblems of the Red Cross or appellations “Red Cross” or “Geneva Cross”;
  8. A mark identical with or similar to a medal, diploma or certificate or any other mark awarded at a trade exhibition or competition held by the Thai government or a Thai government agency for public enterprise or any other government organ of Thailand, a foreign government or international organization unless such medal, diploma, certificate or mark has been actually awarded to the applicant for goods and is used in combination with the trademark;
  9. Any mark which is contrary to public order, morality or public policy;
  10. A mark registered or not, which is identical with a well-known mark as prescribed by the Ministerial Notifications, or so similar thereto that the public might be confused as to the owner or origin of the goods;
  11. Trademarks similar to those under (1) (2) (3) (5) (6) or (7);
  12. Geographical indications protected under the law on geographical indications;
  13. Other trademarks prescribed by the Ministerial Notifications

Categories of Trade Mark in Thailand:

“trademark” means a mark used or proposed to be used on or in connection with goods to distinguish the goods with which the trademark of the owner of such trademark is used from goods under another person’s trademark;
“service mark” means a mark used or proposed to be used on or in connection with services to distinguish the services using the service mark of the owner of such service mark from services under another person’s service mark;
“certification mark” means a mark used or proposed to be used by the owner thereof on or in connection with goods or services of another person to certify the origin, composition, method of production, quality or other characteristics of such goods or to certify as to the nature, quality, type or other characteristics of such services;
“collective mark” means a trademark or service mark used or proposed to be used by companies or enterprises of the same group or by members of an association, cooperative, union, confederation, group of persons or any other state or private organization;
A trademark to be registrable, the applicant or his agent shall have an office or address for communication by the Registrar in Thailand.
The registration of a trademark shall have a term of ten years from the date of registration and may be renewed.
To get the right to exclusive use of the mark in relation to your products or services of business and prevent from trouble which may be incurred in the future from unauthorized use of the mark, you may need to register Trade Mark of your business.

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