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Accounting service company in Bangkok. We offer services like accounting documents, bookkeeping, and tax reports for Thai companies and foreign companies in Thailand. Our company has been providing accounting service for 28 years. We were managed by two CPAs from Thailand and two CPAs from Hong Kong. Greenpro KSP GROUP is also an account consultant for companies that need help in accounting and tax. To support our clients in developing and growing their businesses in Thailand.

In addition, we specialize in a diverse range of businesses such as:
• Manufacturing and product distribution
• Service industry
• Buy-sell business
• Construction contracting
• Tourism, hotels and resorts
• Real estate business
• Financial services
• Online product sales
• Health and beauty industry
• Medical services

And various other businesses, catering to small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or large corporations, with experienced accountants providing services at reasonable prices.


Thai and foreign companies which register and carry business in Thailand automatically have an obligation to Thai laws; according to Accounting Act, B.E. 2543, A registered partnership, limited company, a public limited company established under Thai law, a juristic person established under a foreign law engaging in a business in Thailand, a joint venture under the Revenue Code, shall be the person having the duty to keep accounts and must provide the bookkeeping for its business, moreover, it is required by The Department of Business Development that juristic persons must submit an audited financial report within 5 months from the closing date as well as having obligation to the Revenue Department on tax filing and payment.


Details of Accounting and Tax Services Provided.

The service covers accounting, tax, social security, bookkeeping, closing accounts, and preparation of various related details.  The details are as follows:

• Provide guidance on preparing accurate accounting documents, such as invoices, tax invoices, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, and other accounting-related documents for the business.
• Provide advice and solve accounting problems that arise in the business.
• Accounting document delivery and collection service.
– Our accounting office has a team to receive and deliver documents for your convenience.
• Verify the accuracy of documents.
– Verify the accuracy of documents received from customers before preparing taxes and accounting records.
• Prepare and submit withholding taxes, such as P.N.D. 1, P.N.D. 3, P.N.D. 53, and P.N.D. 54
• Prepare and submit monthly social security contributions.
• Prepare monthly purchase and sales tax reports.
• Prepare and submit Value Added Tax (VAT), P.P.30
• Prepare and submit P.P.36
• Prepare and submit Specific Business Tax (S.B.T.), P.T.40
• Bookkeeping with accounting software.
• Prepare related daily journals.
– Such as general daily journals, purchase daily journals, sales daily journals, cash receipts daily journals, cash disbursements daily journals, etc.
• Close accounts and submit monthly financial statements.
– Close accounts and submit monthly financial statements to provide information to customers (in case customers need information for monthly management).
• Prepare detailed to support financial statements.
– Such as property registration, accounts receivable details, accounts payable details, etc.
• Verify the accuracy of accounting and tax work.
– At every stage of accounting work, there is verification of accuracy by experienced accountants.
• Close the year-end accounts and prepare financial reports.
• Close the year-end accounts and prepare financial statements such as the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of changes in equity, and notes to the financial statements.
• Submit financial statements, Form Sor.BorChor.3 (financial statement submission form), and a list of shareholders (Form Bor.Or.Jor.5)
• Submit financial statements, Form Sor.BorChor.3, and a list of shareholders (Form Bor.Or.Jor.5)
– Prepare and submit the estimated corporate income tax return, Form P.N.D. 51 (mid-year tax return)
• Prepare and submit the estimated corporate income tax return, Form P.N.D. 51 (Company or partnership income tax return for the mid-year period)
Prepare and submit the corporate income tax return, Form P.N.D. 50 (Corporation or Partnership Income Tax Return Form)

The above list contains basic, detailed information. There are still many other sub-lists in accounting and taxation. We provide services from the beginning of the accounting and taxation process until the end.


Accounting & Document

Our company can support you by summary report e.g. Balance sheet, income statement, profit and loss, corporate income, personal income, monthly report etc.

Setup account system

Set up your company system with us to reduce process of work, decrease a mistake that can happen.

Taxes Management & Filing

We can help you to about the way how to pay taxes correctly. Our company can help collect tax evidence.

  • Withholding personal income tax (P.N.D. 1,3)
  • Withholding corporate income tax (P.N.D.53)
  • Value-added tax (P.P.30)
  • Input-Output tax report
  • Personal income tax (P.N.D. 90,91,94)
  • Corporate income tax: P.N.D. 51 (Mid-year tax return), P.N.D. 50 (Annual tax return)
  • Withholding personal income tax (P.N.D.1K.)

Other Service

Let us know what you want to do, We welcome to help you. Our Accounting service place in Bangkok meets us.


Greenpro KSP Accounting service offers comprehensive, accurate, and efficient accounting services, tailored to the needs of your business. Our team of certified public accountants and experienced professionals provides a complete range of accounting services to ensure that your business stays compliant and successful.

Collecting Data

We have a specific location for collecting Date neither online document or paper document.

Data accuracy

We ensure that your company will receive the accurate accounting and financial information.

Sub Branch

We have over 60+ accounting service branch in Thailand to support your company.


Whatever your company are facing with the trouble. Come talk to us we can give you an advice.

In addition to Thai accounting services, we have extensive experience in providing English accounting services. Our team of accounting professionals is fluent in English and can tailor accounting plans to meet the needs of international clients. We offer monthly, yearly, and English financial statement closing, as well as monthly/quarterly/yearly financial reporting to foreign executives.

We have expertise in various accounting professions, including accounting, company registration, auditing, tax planning, accounting system implementation, and legal accounting and tax consulting services. Our professional accounting team is dedicated to providing a complete range of accounting services to meet your business needs.

We have provided comprehensive accounting services to more than 200 businesses with complete accounting solutions, which instills confidence that we can deliver error-free accounting services to you.

With our extensive experience in providing accounting services, we are proficient in performing tasks quickly and accurately, ensuring that your accounting processes are smooth and efficient.

Our company has Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), who are responsible for controlling the quality of our work. You can be confident that your business will receive accurate and complete accounting information.


We are sincere with all customers. And willing to give advice on solving problems Thank you for trusting and using our service.
We are sincere with all customers. and willing to give advice on solving problems Thank you for trusting and using our service.


Review by our customer that uses our service and take our advice for a company

Q & A

Our Accounting service calculates cost depend on your customer business type, Number of document and business complexity. After that, we will set a price that suitable for the amount of work.

Normally our customer will send a document to us by post. For some of our customers who live in Bangkok area, they bring a document to our office, if our customer are not convenient, please inform us to pick up a document for you.

Yes, In additional of Accounting service. We also have account audit for customers for more information please Click this  link. >>Audit assurance<<

Yes, We can set up account system for your company. We use a quality accounting system that will help control internal information to be accurate and complete. Keep up with the management, And we also have an ERP accounting program that can be used online on the Cloud, working anywhere.It is a highly effective program at a reasonable price. As an option for customers to use in your organization Empowering organizations to quickly get ahead of competitors.
More Detail please click this link. >>Set up business system service<<

For customers who have an account with us, We are representatives to help meet with the Revenue Department. In case you have tax accounting problems to help guide agents Negotiate a tax settlement legal Alleviate concerns for entrepreneurs.

Our team has a business service experience for over 28 years. In term using our service, we’ll give an advice about tax problem and help you solve the problem so you don’t have to worry about tax problem.



To all customers, we appreciate that you choose to use our services, and we’re ready to help and give advice to your company.

We are an accounting service provider with more than 28 years of experience in accounting, taking care of more than 1200 customers. We specialize in accounting and are ready to help. Fully advise customers Therefore, we have always been trusted by our customers.

Surapa Jamjang
CPA (Thailand)
CEO & Founder of Greenpro KSP Group

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Impressive service with a professional team, we are pleased to serve all customers and provide guidance on accounting and tax matters related to business operations. We are happy to assist whenever customers require information. Our services are prompt, timely, reasonably priced, and easy to talk to. We are glad to welcome you!

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“We offer accounting system setup services for customers who require assistance in setting up their accounting system, using highly experienced accountants.” For more details about the service, please click on “Accounting System Setup Service.”


“We offer accounting audit services by certified public accountants (CPAs) to ensure the quality of our work at a reasonable price.” For more details about the service, please click on “Audit Assurance Service.