Buying-Selling business

As GreenPro KSP Consulting has a business network across Asia and has a large portfolio of businesses in Thailand both in the form of individual and companies businesses:
For Seller: we have a numerous of registered clients who want to buy the whole businesses and the clients who want to find a partner to invest in their businesses as shareholders.
For Buyer: we have a large number of registered clients who interest to sell their businesses, both business owners who interest to sell the whole businesses and to find partners to be shareholders of their businesses for the purpose of getting cash for expanding their businesses.
We have integrity and good governance, we respect all parties and the information will be kept confidential.
In order to protect the selling business, we will not disclose the name of the seller to the public, when we meet the interested and potential buyers and they require more information, we will ask the sellers for approval before disclosing the information.
For the buyer, we will screen the selling businesses which you are interested in preliminary in order to avoid the risk and time-wasting.
If you are interested in sell-buy business in Thailand, GreenPro KSP will be the best choice to help you accomplish your intention on buying-selling businesses quickly, we have a team to guide you all the entire process of buying-selling business which start until close dealing; seeking the best matching, gathering information, doing valuation and due diligence, arranging the meeting, closing deal, preparing agreement, registering with the government office, even if applying visa and work permit for foreigner.
Contact Greenpro KSP Consulting Now, if you intend to BUY-SELL the business, by fulfilling the form below, we will contact you back for discussion and get more information, we are proactive to help you to achieve your goal on buying-selling business.